translated from Spanish: First stretch of cablebus opens in Gustavo A. Madero

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum attended the inauguration of two stations of Line 1 of the cablebus, which will run from Green Indians to Cuautepec.
“Today is historic in the city because we started a new public transportation system in Mexico City,” the delegate said, “he came to Mexico City to stay.”
Located in the mayoralty Gustavo A. Madero, the cable of the means of transport has a length of 9.2 kilometers, and it is estimated that it will be able to transport about 48 thousand users per day.
It will have six stations, two terminals and 367 cabins, whose capacity will be ten people, but on the occasion of COVID-19, it will be reduced to six users per cabin. 
This first line will be connected to the Metro Green Indian Station and Metrobus Line 1.
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Its construction cost 2 thousand 295 million pesos and generated about two thousand 800 jobs, it was reported during the opening event.
The stretch that opened this Thursday runs from Tlalpexco to Campos Revolución and encompasses two stations. It has a length of 1.7 kilometers and a possibility to transport a thousand people at a speed of six meters per second.
The objective of the project, it was reported, is to “eradicate social inequalities and bring the right to sustainable and state-of-the-art mobility” closer to the people who need it most.
“For us it is one of the most important projects that have been promoted in recent decades in our mayoral part,” said Gustavo A. Madero Mayor Francisco Chíguil Figueroa.
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During the first stage of use of the first section of Line 1, which begins on Thursday, the service will be free. When completed and functional, the official usage fee will be announced.
The head of government mentioned that the inhabitants of the area are being asked what price they would be willing to pay and based on that a fee would be set
The hours of operation, at least during the first stage, will be from 9:00 to 16:00 hours, from Monday to Sunday.
Cablebus Line 1 is expected to be completed and in operation in May. In past weeks it was announced that the first and second line would open at the end of March, and that there were plans to build a third line by 2022. The latter would benefit the Magdalena Contreras and Tlalpan area.
“Long live the City, live Gustavo A. Madero, live Cuautepec and live the cablebus of Mexico City,” Sheinbaum concluded.
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