translated from Spanish: What to do, what not to do and how to prevent a heatstroke

In places where the temperature is usually very high and hell in the summer season it is very common for sunstrokes to present, that is why in this note we will tell you what to do in case of sunstroke. Sunstroke, also known as heatstroke, although it is not usually a fatal disease, in many cases it does become very serious, especially in children, older adults and people with chronic diseases.
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First of all you should keep in mind that, according to doctors, to attend to an insolation the fundamental piece is the time of care, since the survival of the person will depend in great way on the rapid treatment. Read more: What to do and what not to do in case you get bitn by a tick The first thing to do when someone is suspected of having a heat stroke is to put the affected person in a place where there is shade and that it is as cool as possible.

Then put the person in a semi-seated position. Make sure your head is raised, as that will help you breathe in a better way. Then, it is recommended that you strip the person of clothing, thus help the body temperature decrease. Make yourself an object with which you can pour air, preferably a fan. Put ice water compresses on her neck, forehead and neck. You could also use baths with very cold water, as this is the most effective way to reduce body temperature. Give him to drink fresh water in small amounts, never one, as if so his health will become even more negative. Once the person is already in better condition, you will need to transfer them to a medical service as soon as possible, where they will need to undergo a thorough review and medical follow-up in subsequent days. Read more: What to do and what not to do in case you get hit by a leech If you see that the affected person does not recover and that, on the contrary, it faints, ideally you lay it with your legs bent and call the emergency services immediately. Signs and symptoms of sunstroke

Increased body temperature.

Tips to prevent heatstroke

Always try to be well hydrated. It is recommended that you hydrate with natural water.
Don’t do some kind of activity that demands a lot of effort during the hot end of the day. 
Avoid exposure to the sun. Stay in the shade when you go to swimming pools or beaches.
Preferably wear light clothing and accompany your clothing with a hat or a hood.

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Original source in Spanish

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