translated from Spanish: Joe Biden congratulated Pope Francis on his historic trip to Iraq

U.S. President Joe Biden congratulated Pope Francis on realizing the trip to Iraq, which not only meant a sign of peace between two completely different cultures, but was the first time a pope has visited Iraq.» Pope Francis’ visit was a historic welcome for the country. From there came an important message, as Pope Francis himself said, that ‘fraternity is more enduring than fratricide, that hope is more powerful than death, that peace is more powerful than war,'» he wrote in a statement published on the White House website.

He continued: «Seeing Pope Francis visit ancient religious places, including Abraham’s biblical birthplace, spending time with the great Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf, and offering prayers in Mosul, a city that just a few years ago endured the depravity and intolerance of a group like ISIS, is a symbol of hope for the whole world.» Finally, he congratulated Iraq and his people on the behavior shown during the high pontiff’s stay, joining Iran’s already congratulations, which indicated that the Pope’s successful visit meant that his neighboring country is no longer dangerous.
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