translated from Spanish: Caribbean Series health operation replicated in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- The delegate of Road and Transport, José Vallejo Carrillo, reported that the operation of the Easter holiday will be the same as that applied in the Caribbean Series in Mazatlan. “That is the criterion, the indication that more or less work is done in the same way, because the Caribbean Series was a success,” said José Vallejo Carrillo.
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The leader in the carrier industry hopes that workers in all units will respect the recommendations made to them. Read more: Vaccination of older adults in Concordia, SinaloaWe know about everything that respects the capacity of the passage, the use of water covers, volume regulation and the having disinfectant articles. It detailed that if the protocol was not implemented, sanctions would have to be used, they would range from economic sanctions.

They will bet on the sanitizations of all units, so that they can offer greater security to visitors. Read more: Pegaso Foundation seek to support weak visuals in MazatlanEstima that tourists can opt for public transport by observing that health protocols are taken care of. Drivers have to disinfect their vehicle every time passengers are lowered and at the end of work, for the sake of users and themselves. José Vallejo emphasized that the fundamental purpose in the holiday season will be to prioritize health and avoid contagion by Covid-19.

Quirino Ordaz Coppel leads governors

Original source in Spanish

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