translated from Spanish: In colony National Unit of Guamúchil can not stand the dust

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- There is no more common complaint in the neighbors of the colony National Unity of Guamúchil than the dust affectation in the cobblestone streets, but the water pipe has long since seen it pass through Argentina Street. It is not the lack of drinking water or poor drainage service, failures in street lighting or lack of garbage collection that is in the case of the neighbors of the popular colony, but the unbearable dust that affects them all hours. People breathe, eat and live in the dust.  
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On the route through the main street, Argentina Street, and between Jalisco and Nayarit streets, we were able to know the need that the citizens of this sector have. Like neighbor Jairo Inzunza Castro, who suffers from dust at all hours, and not so much for the cars, but for the trucks, he said, since access to the colony is a route of urban transport.
The neighbors consulted by Argentina Street say that they have not seen the water pipe pass for a long time to be watered to the streets of the National Unity, because on the one hand, they cannot water, since they are worthy of a fine, and on the other hand, do not water them. The request to the municipality is that they are lost from time to time with the watering service.  Among the best rated services is garbage collection. Of the rest, no problems were discussed in the operation. On street conditions, it was reported that months ago they were scraped from the City Council of Salvador Alvarado.Read more: The municipality of Angostura covers 69% of the vaccination against Covid-19 in two days

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Original source in Spanish

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