translated from Spanish: Overflows and resignation of Christian Bar: “The figure of the delegate has no legs or head, I think it is a mistake”

Presidential candidate Mario Desbordes referred to the resignation of the now former presidential delegate of the southern macrozone, Cristián Barra, and said that figure “has no legs or head, I think it’s a mistake.”
In an interview with Radio Duna, Desbordes argued that “the figure of the delegate has no legs or head, I think it is a mistake, because it passes over the mayors, of the local authorities”.
“He doesn’t have the endowment of office to have legal powers, and that’s what ministers are for, there are the undersecretaries. But well, the president likes those kinds of figures and uses them regularly, and it has the consequences we saw,” he added.
In this regard, the former MEMBER argued that President Sebastián Piñera “has a wonderful Minister for Social Development, Karla Rubilar, who could perfectly take care of the enormous amount of promises that have been made to the original peoples and which are unfulefied. We’ve signed documents in the last two years, bombastic announcements (…) and there they are, slowed down. And in terms of public safety is the mayor, Undersecretary Katherine Martorell or Minister Rubilar herself, who was mayor and has powers.”
“A delegate does not exist in the government structure,” Desbordes closed.
It is worth remembering that Barra resigned from office after his controversial statements in an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio, in which he commented that there is “unwillingness” on the part of these to combat violence in La Araucanía. “They are always reluctant. It’s my turn to meet with them as heads of defense in the different regions and I particularly find it unusual for them to come to meetings with lawyers, so I can tell why they can’t do the things you want (…) we don’t ask them to do the front line, that’s what carabinieri do, but for God’s sake! I would like you to provide more training to Carabineros,” he said.
Former Minister Loreto Silva will take her place, as they noted from the Ministry of the Interior.

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