translated from Spanish: Employment in Salvador Alvarado gradually regains ground

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- During the year that has lasted the pandemic and is still ongoing, there have been job losses of approximately 500 people, a number registered by the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives in the city of Guamúchil that presides, María Ophelia Inzunza Inzunza. The Chair said that little by little and with great effort, employment had been recovered and said that 100% of 40% had recovered, a situation that, over time and financial improvement, could be improved and spaces that had to be cut back. 
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He explained that as a result of the pandemic the financial situation has hit very hard as during the arrival of this disease many traders of different turns had to close curtains.
“They had a job drop for the businesses they closed and if I was quite fond of that situation because they didn’t have to be supplied with the fixed expenses that companies had to pay and they didn’t agree to keep them open,” he said.  Undoubtedly this pandemic has brought with it labour poverty, but despite this, it has been seen at the local level how with the help of the citizens has been getting out of such a regrettable situation he argued. Read more: “Facilito” analyzes going to the ranks of Fuerza por México through the mayorality of Salvador AlvaradoInzunza Inzunza, reported that they find themselves in fear that the situation of the jobs will go down again because the Easter season where many people go on vacation is approaching, is where the increase in cases can go up.  “We have to be prevented by this situation and that the curve of labour poverty can be lowered,” she said. 

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Original source in Spanish

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