translated from Spanish: Daniel Morón: «We look forward to closing the arrival of the headquarters this week»

Colo Colo’s sports manager, Daniel Morón, admitted that Uruguayan Fabricio Formiliano appears as the first option to reinforce the central lag of the ‘Cacique’, thus taking the post left by Julio Barroso.However, the former goalscorer of the ‘popular’ cast indicated that the alba directive also probes other options of falling the attempts with the current player of Peñarol.Regarding the efforts to have as soon as possible the arrival of a Morón told Radio Cooperative that «we are in talks not only with Formiliano, he is competing until Saturday. We hope to close the arrival of the headquarters this week, we want to have this situation closed soon.» In addition, the Copa Libertadores champion in 1991 noted that the expulsion of Maximiliano Falcón in the Super Cup, so he will miss the albo debut in the 2021 National Championship, has accelerated the efforts to sign a central. «This doesn’t speed up or rush us into hiring,» he said. Asked by the expulsion of the ‘Wiluca’, by an aggression towards Valber Huerta, the sports manager noted that «I will talk to him, it was not the moment after the match, we know that we were footballers. I was terrible at claiming, but from my office and experience I can tell you what I think and that these things can no longer happen.» There are times when you have to bite your tongue and keep your hands so as not to cause further damage. We’re going to take what the court says, but with a defense,» he added.

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