translated from Spanish: A tiger is driving in Mazatlan area, Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The time to take the dogs for a walk apparently have been second in the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, since today the cameras of some citizens were able to capture the moment when apparently a tourist had been walking a tiger in broad daylight. According to the information that could be collected, the feline’s name is “Elegant”, which is four months old and was taken for a ride in a small car in an area very close to the boardwalk.
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In the video that is by the way, it quickly went viral, you can see that the tiger suddenly comes out the window causing a motorcyclist to slow down in the face of the fear that the animal would get out of the car.

While true, it was indicated that the animal is meek, the motorcyclist took due caution. It should be noted that at the moment it is unknown whether the video is very recent or from days past, however, in Sinaloa it is not the first time that people have been caught walking with such exotic animals, which although they are meek, caution should be exercised as they can attack the owners. Read more: Victor get up! The brother of a man killed by suspected motorcyclists in CuliacánAsimism shouts, the units responsible for such cases as is the Federal Office of Environmental Protection, has not spoken to the fact.

Original source in Spanish

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