translated from Spanish: Epidemiological Report: Chile reaches record 57,000 active cases, the biggest mark since the start of the pandemic

This Saturday the Ministry of Health published the 108th Epidemiological Report on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, detailing the communes with the highest number of active cases in the country, featuring Puente Alto, Maipú and La Florida in the Metropolitan region and Temuco and Valparaiso in regions. According to the data in the document, the Metropolitan Region presents more active cases, mostly concentrated in Puente Alto (1,801), Maipú (1,299), Florida (1,129), Santiago (1,100), San Bernardo (977), Pudahuel (875) and Peñalolén (832). On the other hand, there were fewer active contagions in Tiltil (29), San Pedro (32), San José de Maipo (33) and María Pinto (47). The communes with the most active cases in the interior of the country are Valparaiso (1,367), Temuco (1,325), Viña del Mar (1,156), Antofagasta (963), Concepción (962) and Iquique (959). As for the regions, the Metropolitan Region (21,389), followed by Biobío (6,722), Valparaiso (6,474), Maule (4,075) and La Araucanía (3,717), continues to lead the list. While those with fewer active cases are Aysén (190), Magellan (349), Atacama (623) and Arica and Parinacota (918). Finally, the communes that are free of coronavirus are General Lagos in the Arica and Parinacota region; Colchane in the Tarapacá region; Ollague in the Antofagasta region; Juan Fernández in the Valparaiso region; Cochrane and Tortel in the Aysén region, and Antarctica, Laguna Blanca, Primavera, Rio Verde, San Gregorio, Timaukel and Torres del Paine in Magellan.

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