translated from Spanish: Servel and electoral calendar coming in the country: “It is not easy and certainly that no one wants to extend the mandates, especially of the government”

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Service (Servel), Andrés Tagle, referred to the electoral calendar coming in the country, with many elections in the short term, including the recently postponed election of mayors, governors, councillors and constituents, which will take place on May 15 and 16.
“It’s been a week of uncertainty,” said Andrés Tagle, chairman of the Servel Board of Directors, in conversation with Radio Duna, about this postponement, which can affect the times with other elections: “One is managing the deadlines of the other.”
“May’s election is four weeks after the second round of governors, which takes time for election courts to resolve any cases that may be,” he explained.
“Then there are five weeks for the Primaries, and this in turn is 5 weeks after the final registration of candidates in August, and that happens 90 days before the presidential election in November,” Tagle said.
“We need all those deadlines (…) Chile’s electoral calendar is not easy for us, and I certainly believe that no one wants to extend the mandates, especially the government,” he said.
Regarding the health protocols for these elections, Tagle said they will govern the same as the October 2020 Plebiscite.

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