translated from Spanish: Teen is arrested after allegedly killing his mother’s partner in Jacona, Michoacán

Jacona, Michoacán.- During the first few minutes of this Thursday, a teenager was arrested by elements of the Michoacán Police after he allegedly snatched the life of two knives from his mother’s sentimental partner, this after the now-western one allegedly came into apparent drunkenness and began assaulting them both.
In other words, the authorities at the base of the Directorate of Public Security received a report on an aggressive person in the property marked with the number 223, of philosophy street, in the Lomas Fraction of University
The uniforms arrived at the site and noticed that screams of help were heard inside the property, so upon entering it they observed a man on the floor with gunshot wounds, so they asked for the support of the paramedics of Municipal Civil Protection.
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The lifeguards arrived and in trying to help Mr. Arturo T., D., better known as “El Tanaca”, 39, neighbor of the colony El Fovisste of the municipality of Zamora, they realized that he no longer had vital signs, so the policemen assured the person involved, the minor Cesar I., A., A., 15 years old and cordoned off the crime scene.
From this fact I take personal knowledge of the State Attorney General’s Office who secured a knife with hematic liquid traces and the alleged perpetrator, as well as took the body to the local morgue for rigorous examinations.

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