translated from Spanish: Car crashes on Mexico Highway 15 in Los Mochis

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Completely wrecked was a vehicle that was subsequently abandoned by its occupants, after hitting the containment wall of the International Highway Mexico 15, in the city of Los Mochis, in the early morning of this Monday. The sinister unit is a steel-colored Chevrolet Sonic, which eventually got out of the way after the crash. 
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According to data obtained, the device-fast accident occurred shortly before 05:00 hours, over the south-north lane of Mexico International Highway 15. Approximately 500 meters before arriving at the well-known hotel, the driver after unknown causes lost control of the steering wheel, hit the retaining wall, continued his march about 100 meters and went out of the way to finish on the event. Read more: After partying, a man in the Felipe Angeles colony in CuliacánAutomovilists circulating around the site were shot dead, so moments later Paramedics of the Red Cross were mobilized, as well as elements of Veteran Firefighters, as there were thought to be people trapped inside; however, when they arrived at the site they did not find any of the passengers in the vehicle, so it is not known so far if there are people injured.

Personnel of the National Guard Roads Division took over the appropriate proceedings and a crane was requested to tow the vehicle to a federal pension.

The relief agencies mobilized to the site, as it was thought that there could be people pressed, but they did not. Photo: Courtesy

Upon arrival, lifeguards corroborated that there was no person inside the car. Photo: Courtesy

Original source in Spanish

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