translated from Spanish: Audax beat Melipilla fairly and is the exclusive leader of the Championship

Audax Italiano was the exclusive leader of the 2021 National Championship by beating Deportes Melipilla 1-0 on Monday, in a match played at the El Teniente de Rancagua Stadium and valid for the fifth date.
With this result, the squad led by Pablo ‘Vitamina’ Sánchez reached 11 points and reached the top of the rankings, beating Colo Colo by one unit and by two Catholic University and O’Higgins.
John Armijo’s team, meanwhile, suffered their third mis-kick in the contest and placed in the fifteenth place in the table with four points.
The colony picture began better and soon broke the zero in its redoubt in which, in the end, it would be the only figure of the brega. At 15 minutes, side Nicolás Fernández started from the right and played for striker Gonzalo Alvarez, who made the diagonal and took a cornered left-handed finish from the edge of the area to beat the goal Nicolás Peranic.
When the first lapse was leaving and within 60 seconds, the ‘Potros’ had two chances to place parity in the O’Higgins redoubt. At 41′, after a free kick served by Mathías Vidangossy and a later pivot by Alejandro Camargo, Gustavo Guerreño hit him with his thigh near the small area and the ball hit the crossbar.
After cardboard, after 42 minutes, Guerreño met the spherical in a small area again, but could not do well and the goalkeeper Joaquín Muñoz ended up taking away the danger with his feet.
In the add-on, Audax thoroughly alerted the 55′. Michael Fuentes’ big move to the left, he threw the center and Rodrigo Holgado pulled out a punchline that hit the post.
About the end, at 84′, the visitor had it through Gonzalo Sosa, with a headbutt after center on the left that was glued to the left vertical of a vanquished Muñoz.
By the sixth date of the tournament, Audax Italiano will visit the Spanish Union on Saturday, May 1 and in clash of colonies, while Deportes Melipilla will receive Catholic University on Sunday 2nd in La Calera.

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