translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s Office opens investigation into metro collapsed homicide

Mexico City’s Attorney General’s Office said it had already started a folder of investigation for culpable homicide and property damage, in the face of the collapse of a Metro Line 12 bridge, which has left 25 dead and at least 79 injured.
In order to assemble the investigation, the Public Prosecutor’s Office promised to carry out all the necessary experts in the structural and administrative field.
“In the structural, the intervention of surveyor, civil and structural engineers specializing in steels will be requested; geologists specializing in subsidences (sinkings) to develop studies of geotechnical, soil mechanics, structural calculation, material strength and all those that are indispensable to identify the origin of the fact,” he said.

While on the administrative issue he said he will investigate construction and supervision contracts, maintenance logs, construction and supervisory company, as well as requesting information to the areas involved.

In this sense, an investigation folder has already been launched for the crimes of murder and property damage, both culpable.
— CDMX Prosecutor’s Office (@FiscaliaCDMX) May 4, 2021

Regarding the care of victims from the accident, the Prosecutor’s Office said it had activated the Disaster Protocol, to provide legal guidance, emotional containment and support in medical and funeral services.
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So far, of the 24 deaths from the collapse, the unit said that 10 have already been identified: two women and eight men; seven of them, recognized directly by their relatives.
Sheinbaum rules out layoffs, for now
The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, for now disalted the director of the Metro, Florence Serranía Soto, in the face of criticism of the civil service.
“There has to be this delinquen of responsibilities and if there is to be exercised. research has to be done, we are all subject to scrutiny from citizens and we have to do an investigation,” Sheinbaum replied at a press conference.

#EnVivo ?? Report on the incident on Line 12 of the @MetroCDMX
— Claudia Sheinbaum (@Claudiashein) May 4, 2021

The head of government insisted that we must first know who “is responsible and make decisions based on it.”
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