translated from Spanish: Sheinbaum opens hotlines to her office for victim relatives at Metro CDMX

Mexico City.- The head of government Claudia Sheinbaum opened three direct telephone lines to her office on Thursday for all relatives of the fatalities and injured in the collapse of the lock that derailed a train on Metro Line 12 CDMX.La official intends to communicate those who have not received proper communication from Locatel. He stressed that work tables have been maintained at all hospitals with injuries since the start to provide comprehensive care. The lines of attention are 55-53-45-80-66, 55-53-45-80-65 and 55-56-16-02-55, the representative Sheinbaum would attend in person to the relatives of the victims in the Metro.Lee accident more: Find Michelangelo; disappeared 7 years in Tabasco, lived under tap collapsed in Metro CDMXMesas of work Before statements made by relatives of the victims where they claim that they have not received contact from the capital authorities, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum stated that from day one there have been work tables in each hospital where they are injured. The tables are made up of specialists who provide transfers, food and support in the recap of information on the status of victims to their relatives; at the moment there are 11 hospitals that care for the injured. He added that today he opened another work desk located in the Office of the Head of Government, is under the responsibility of Ernesto Alvarado and has specialists from the Commission of Victims, the DIF and the Secretariat of Welfare.Read more: Find Michelangelo; disappeared 7 years in Tabasco, lived under collapsed bridge in Metro CDMXSheinbaum ended by pointing out that from day one he said that everyone would receive support from the local government and so it will be; “I’m going to be personally coordinating care for anyone who has been affected or had a relatives who are sadly deceased or in hospital.” Yoremes de Ahome hand over Command Staff to Gerardo Vargas

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