translated from Spanish: 15% increase rotavirus cases in Guasave

Guasave, Sinaloa.- With the advent of heat diseases such as rotavirus usually increase, and currently, Health Jurisdiction No. 2, has detected a 15 percent increase in cases of this type in the municipality of Guasave. To prevent dehydration, it is essential to see your doctor if you have symptomatology, to receive appropriate treatment.  
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Silvia María Preciado Machado, head of the Jurisdiction, reported that every summer season there is an increase in gastrointestinal infections, including so-called rotavirus. “Generally, when summer starts with climate change, viral problems of gastroenteritis can occur that can be of varied biology, including viral ones such as rotaviruses.”
It detailed that there was a 15 per cent increase in cases, but indicated that these were the expected figures, so so far there had been no outbreak that was alarming. “There is this 15 percent increase in gastrointestinal infections in the population, but it is the estimated increase by the Ministry of Health. There has not been an outbreak that we might consider alarming, we are simply on epidemiological surveillance and in this way we are on the side of avoiding any strong outbreaks.” Preciado Machado explained that the disease is contagious, but not highly, plus there are many ways to prevent it, in which some measures that are applied against Covid-19 have helped. “It can spread, but it is not extremely contagious like other diseases, but it can also be avoided with constant hand washing, not eating on the street, not exposing yourself to extreme temperatures, having a healthy diet and maintaining good hydration, that can help prevent rotavirus contagion.” The doctor noted that any gastrointestinal or diarrhoeal problems can have complications and reach dehydration, especially in the vulnerable population. Read more: They will start with maintenance of grids and storm hydrants in Guasave”Any gastrointestinal problem, any diarrhoeal problem, can cause dehydration in anyone, more in the most vulnerable people who are children, pregnant women and older adults, and in addition to the high temperatures that can occur, to people’s exposure to the sun without adequate hydration that can condition dehydration.” Preciado Machado reported that hydration plans are available and in all health centers Serum Oral Life is provided free of charge. In addition, he called for not to self-medicate because complications could arise from there.
“First not to self-medicate, go to your doctor for timely care, for a diagnosis and accurate treatment especially recommendations based on hydration such as not consuming sugary drinks. In this case it is important to consume the serum oral life of the envelope that is provided in health centers for free, it is essential to avoid dehydration and above all follow the recommendations of the doctor”. He noted that tying up these measures also helps prevent other viral diseases.

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Original source in Spanish

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