translated from Spanish: Women’s Football: River and UAI Urquiza sealed the rankings after date 6

On Monday, the sixth date of the 2021 Apertura Tournament was closed with UAI Urquiza’s goal against Excursionistas 5-0, which allowed Las Guerreras to retain their undefeated and stay at the top of the Zone B table with River.Precisely, both UAI Urquiza and River have already secured their place in the quarter-finals of the contest. In addition, Lanús added his first three points in Zone A after being two goals down against Racing and turning the story around to end up taking the away win 3–2.

Results of date 6
Zone A
Mouth 3 – 0 El Porvenir
S.A.T. 0 – 1 Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata
Belgrano Defenders 1 – 1 Spanish Sports
Racing 2 – 3 Lanús

San Lorenzo: Zone B free date
Communications 1 – 6 Rosario Central
La Plata Students 3 – 3 Hurricane 3
Villa San Carlos 0 – 3 Independent
Platense 0 – 6 River
UAI Urquiza 5 – 0 Hikers

ABoca Juniors Zone, 13 points
San Lorenzo, 11
Gymnastics, 10
The Future, 10
Deportivo Español, 8
Racing, 5
Lanús, 5
Belgrano Defenders, 2
SAT, 1StZone BRiver Plate, 18 points
UAI Urquiza, 18
Independent, 11
Rosario Central, 8
Hurricane, 8
Platense, 7
Students, 6
Communications, 6
Hikers, 3
Villa San Carlos, 0Cabe remember that the first four teams from zones A and B qualify for the Final Phase of the women’s football tournament.
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