translated from Spanish: He denounced a pizzeria for homophobia but had misread the ticket

It all started on the weekend when a young man named Gonzalo ordered a delivery at the Don Luis Pizzeria in Córdoba.When the customer received the order, he checked with the ticket that they had sent him the food correctly, but when he reached the end of the paper he read a word that surprised him. The young man shared the image of the ticket on social media, there he reads the order: whole napo, whole fills and one last word he interpreted as “fucking”. The outrage was taken by the other users who questioned the action of a gastronomic venue and accused them of homophobia.

From the organization Córdoba Diversa they collected Gonzalo’s complaint and did the same in networks leaving a clear message against such attitudes.
“We are accompanying Gonzalo in this situation that generates outrage and zozobra, and we urge Pizzeria Don Luis to generate the repair mechanisms immediately,” they posted to their Facebook account.In view of the impact the pizzeria went out to clarify the situation along with a statement to the comments he began to receive on his Facebook page. “We explain what the command says, we have already apologized for any misunderstood that may have been generated,” they wrote on the social network.

Once the command was detailed and clarified the situation explained that where it was written “fuck” it actually said “Orders Ya”, which was the application that the young man used to place the order.

“We never had such a problem and we would never have attacked a client like that. Again we apologize and hope you know how to understand the misunderstanding that was caused,” they said from the pizzeria in a statement posted on their social media.

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