translated from Spanish: AMLO asked Banxico for explanation of 2020 remnants

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Mexico. – Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel says he respects the Bank of Mexico’s performance, but still called for an explanation as to why there were no remnants of the 2020 financial year.
At the morning conference, the president claims to respect the autonomy of the central bank, and to show that he had said nothing about the Remaining Operation of the Banxico that was not transferred to the government.
“I respect the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico. I’ve always respected her. So I haven’t commented that we haven’t been given remnants now that the exchange rate instability crisis has passed, remember the dollar gone to 25 pesos? We had already made accounts that would give us a remnant (…) and there was no remnant and they would have to explain (Bank of Mexico) in respectful and fraternal terms, because in other six-year terms there were remnants.”
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The representative clarifies that they are not suing anything or questioning the Banxico. “I just have to say it because it was said here that the public finances could have an additional income. We don’t have a problem because they look at the revenue and because we took action that worked for us.”
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