translated from Spanish: Chile MPs Go announce project to reduce fuel-specific tax when there is a state of emergency

Following the sustained rise in the price of fuels in recent weeks, coupled with the difficult economic moment that the country is going through, a group of Parliamentarians from Chile Vamos will present a bill that seeks to cut the specific tax in half, during states of constitutional exception, public calamity or similar. The initiative was proposed by independents Alvaro Carter and Sandra Amar, as well as UDI parliamentarians Rolando Rentería and Osvaldo Urrutia.
Carter noted that, “unfortunately the pandemic has brought about a worrying economic crisis, which has particularly affected the most vulnerable families. Therefore, it is that in order to relieve their burden, it is that we present this initiative, which could be a great relief for the pocket of small entrepreneurs, who during the pandemic have had to reinvent themselves by implementing the delivery mode so as not to disappear”.
He added that, “the price of fuels already adds up almost 6 months, thus a transient decline, in addition to becoming a relief for families, would be a tremendous benefit for SMEs and a boost for economic activity.”
“At critical times for Chilean families, it seems to me of all justice and logic to promote initiatives that directly benefit the families and entrepreneurs who have risen the most with the crisis, so we hope to be able to have cross-cutting support in the chamber and pass this law that is easy to process, as well as direct help to families.”
Mr Osvaldo Urrutia noted that the initiative “is an idea of total common sense because many people in these months who have been pandemic, are using their vehicle as a means of transport to work and continue to survive but with the value of fuel now, their profits are reduced to a minimum.”
Magellan MP Sandra Amar argued that “in our Magellan region people suffer with the price of fuels, which is a very complicated situation for those of us living in extreme areas of Chile, so it makes perfect sense to seek to lower the specific tax, even more so in the serious pandemic situation we are experiencing throughout Chile” Concluded.

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