translated from Spanish: continues the plagiarism of traditional p’urhépecha music

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To the people of Mexico and Michoacán
To the media
To the original peoples
To the Mexican state
Communities as of 24 May 2021.
K’eri Kunkorhekua Iretecheri, the Supreme Indigenous Council of Michoacán #CSIM, at the request of the family of Gervasio López, composer of the internationally known “Dance of the Old Men”, within the framework of the “P’urhépecha Composer’s Day” commemorated today, publicly denounce that the plagiarism of traditional p’urhépecha music continues.
“Marco Flores and the Sherry Band” continues to violate the copyright of the music of the dance of the old, making denigrating use of music and p’urhépecha culture by benefiting economically, plus he tries to deceive public opinion by declaring that they reached an agreement with Gervasio López’s family for using and distorting his music, which is a lie, since there is no verbal or written agreement that finally ended this case.
The 60 communities that make up the #CSIM fully support the struggle for the defense of traditional p’urhépecha music undertaken by the family of Gervasio López de Jarácuaro and demand Marco Flores, now a multinominal candidate for a federal deputy who publicly apologizes and repairs the damage for plagiarizing traditional p’urhépecha music.
The video reports against Marco Flores and the Jerez Band for violating copyright.


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