translated from Spanish: A 15-year-old girl shot at her mother and faced gunshots with police

The violent event had a location in a house located at the height of kilometer 31 of provincial route 131, where after a strong discussion with her mother, the teenager took a 22-gauge carbine that was in the house and shot at her but injuring her younger brother. As detailed by Fernanda Toffoli, the second head of the villa station of Villa Libertador San Martín, the mother of the teenager after her son received the impact, went out on the road in search of help where a man took her to the hospital in Crespo where the police were given notice. Moment after the first shot, the teenager made two boxes of cartridges in her possession and entered the field, from where she was shooting at the cops approaching the site. The second head of the sectional stated, “I was shooting the cell phone on duty, so we had to call for reinforcements from diamond headquarters, about 25 kilometers from where the fact happened” and added “For more than two hours we tried to talk but it was impossible, it was obfuscated, hidden among a couple of grasslands, where she would lie and get up and throw us , in a situation far from what is the daily life here.” In the face of this situation, the Diamond Police Special Operations Group (GOE), which began entering the field with protective shields, had to arrive at the site until it was 10 yards from the teenager where they fired a shot at the ground to drop the weapon. In the girl’s possession, the carbine carrying, with 10 cartridges, a telescopic sight and another magazine with 15 cartridges was kidnapped. The teenager was referred to the Minority Division of the local police and was involved by the staff of the Provincial Council of the Child, Adolescent and Family (Copnaf), who initially left her in the care of one of her aunts. However, she was then admitted to Diamante Hospital for clinical and mental studies. On the other hand, his wounded brother was transferred to Crespo hospital and later referred to the Paraná Child Sanatorium, where he underwent surgery as the bullet hit him in one of his buttocks and after a tour he went out on a groin. From the clinic they reported that the child “evolves favorably without risk of life”, although they will continue to do studies.

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