translated from Spanish: Sam the Samsung virtual assistant who has made the world fall in love

Powerful South Korean electronics company Samsung decided to create Sam the beautiful new virtual assistant, which has undoubtedly stolen the hearts of many who have already embraced it as their new 3D waifu. The design of this nice assistant was carried out by Cheil Agency and Lightfarm who used innovative design tools to bring the original design to 64 bts.
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Sam’s arrival was made without prior notice from Samsung or leaks made in technology groups, despite this the character designed by Lightfarm Studio was well received by thousands of users, since the creator company knew how to give it the necessary charm to steal the heart of the world. Read more: Google Photos will no longer be free and you’ll have to pay a subscription to have the app While you don’t know the creative process that animation engineers used or the recommendations given by Samsung to embed Sam with his company’s profile, except for some 2D sketches that were used to give movement to the animation.

Although Samsung’s virtual assistant didn’t have a red carpet for her presentation, the truth is that it wasn’t necessary. Because, after coming to light, the internet published went crazy for the discreet beauty with which it was designed and the close relationship it shares with Japanese animation.

Sam’s sketches by Lightfarm Studio/ Twitter

While some users related Sam to Mavis, the popular vampire of the animated trilogy Hotel Transylvania for something physical aspects that they share, such as black hair, Caucasian skin and bright blue eyes.

Original source in Spanish

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