translated from Spanish: Out of fear, judge dismisses evidence in favor of Omar Ulysses

Sinaloa.- For being afraid of 20 soldiers and a lieutenant, Anibal Castro, judge of control of Federal Criminal Proceedings based in Hermosillo, Sonora, dismissed all evidence in favor of Omar Ulises Arcos Moreno, denounced his mother Isabel Moreno.The 22-year-old, a resident of Culiacan was shot by the military on March 27 , when he was traveling in a van in the Desert of Sonoyta, Sonora, he was going to try to cross the U.S. border to look for a job opportunity.
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According to the facts, the military were chasing a van which they lost sight of and they found omar Ulysses and about 20 other people and began shooting. Read more: 14-year-old girl flees home and shoots AK-47s at police in FloridaThe culiacanense was injured by a gunshot wound which entered her back and left her through her stomach and remained hospitalized for two months in two hospitals. The military charged Omar Ulysses with attempted murder.

Omar Ulises was released from the hospital on May 26 and is currently in the federal prison in Hermosillo, Sonora. On May 27, it was his first hearing in which Judge Anibal dismissed all the evidence in his favor. According to Isabel, her son was charged with possession of weapons, bulletproof vests and magazines, when he was not wearing anything, the judge dismissed the attempted murder against the military because no shell casings were found. He also said that the vests that the military presented as evidence, and that the men who shot them were supposedly wearing, were new, the caps were clean, when the defense told the judge this, he simply replied that he did not know if it had rained and that is why they were clean. The judge also did not admit witnesses in favor of Omar Ulysses. The military did not attend the hearing, claiming that they had made the request for them to present themselves in Sonoyta, when they should have done so in Mexico City. The public prosecutors who dealt with the incident did not show up either. What is appropriate in the case of the Sinaloan is the appeal for non-attachment to the process.
Although the judge knows that his son is innocent, he will not recognize him because in doing so the truth will come out that the military shot his son when he himself was unarmed, the woman said. despair
Isabel is planning to go to Mexico City and bring the videos of the hearings so that the Presidency of the Republic will know the actions of the judge, who he says is not corrupt because that was what he was told and what he has is afraid of the military. She asks The President of the Republic Andrés Manuel López Obrador to help her in her case and the president of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) Rosario Ibarra Piedra, to respond to her complaint. Read more: Firefighters control a soca burning in Ahome, after an hour of work He explained that he filed his complaint with the CNDH and assigned Mario Romero, but he told them that he was not going to defend Omar Ulysses until he was acquitted and has no longer wanted to know anything about him which seems very unfair to him. The Data
ExpensesOmar Ulysses remains ill from gunshot wounds and will require another operation in the hospital his relatives have spent more than 800 thousand pesos. “He didn’t bring weapons, he doesn’t know how to use them, and he didn’t confront the Army,” his family says.

Nurse ignores woman who asks to save her mother

Original source in Spanish

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