translated from Spanish: Maltese gave its support to Karina Oliva in the framework of the second round of governors by the RM

During this day the former candidate of the Humanist Party, Pablo Maltés, gave his support to the candidate of Commons, Karina Oliva, in view of the second round of governors for the Metropolitan region that will be held this June 13. Maltese said that “it’s not easy. There is a powerful dilemma, because I always started believing that we should have only one candidate in the opposition. From the beginning, we proposed broad primaries for all single-member offices. From the Humanist Party we raise it in relation to the governorships, the mayors and the presidential ones.” The result was not what we wanted. We were divided into this election and I think there’s a powerful, interesting trade-off. Claudio Orrego is not the enemy. For Karina Oliva and Claudio Orrego I have respect, I value them in their real dimension and we are all opponents of this disaster of the right with Piñera, “he added. The former candidate for governor said that “I come to support Karina Oliva because in this dilemma, we humanists do not have a better option. She is a feminist woman, representing what has happened several years ago and expressing herself forcefully since October 2019. He’s had the ability to represent popular political sentiment and I think the successful outcome he’s had reflects that.” For his part, Oliva asserted that “humanists have always been forceful in addressing these situations. Although they were part of the Coalition in its beginnings, when this was being undermined, they were able to say ‘no more’ and step aside. In addition, I appreciate that they recognize that our candidacy can be an alternative for the people. I don’t think someone’s support moves people’s vote directly, it’s my role to convince a citizenry participation.”

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