translated from Spanish: DEIS: Chile has more than 38 thousand deaths from Covid-19, between confirmed and probable cases, and eight communes in the country have more than a thousand active cases

The Ministry of Health published a new death report prepared by the Department of Statistics and Health Information and Information (DEIS).
According to the report, Chile has 38,347 deaths, between confirmed and probable cases, from Covid-19.
Confirmed deaths from the virus reached 29,816 as of June 3, while suspected deaths reached 8,531.
“Cumulative deaths between March 2020 and January 2021 from Confirmed and Suspected Covid-19 represent 20.86 percent of the country’s total deaths, according to WHO/PAHO observations and recommendations for the codification of deaths due to Covid-19,” the DEIS said in its 51st weekly report.
They added that “in the last two weeks there have been a total of 1,686 deaths from covid-19 total, confirmed and probable, with an adjusted rate of 5.4 per 100,000 population nationwide.”
The Minsal also published the 126th Epidemiological Report on the COVID-19 pandemic, which revealed that eight communes in the country record more than a thousand infected people.
Puente Alto continues as the commune with the most cases nationwide, surpassing two thousand infected, reaching 2,448. It is followed by Maipú (1,657); James (1,454); Florida (1,453); Peñalolén (1,210); Rancagua (1,194); Los Angeles (1,189); and San Bernardo (1,081).
Renca (868) is also of concern; Talca (863); Pudahuel (856); Arica (789); La Pintana (779); The Forest (737); Hill (725); Antofagasta (690); Puerto Montt (677); Valparaiso (649); Viña del Mar (642); Quilicura (636).
The highest cumulative incidence rates per 100,000 inhabitants, according to laboratory-confirmed cases, are found in the Magallanes Region (17,391.6), Tarapacá Region (11,902.9) and Los Ríos Region (10,926.9).
In addition, according to the report, the country accumulated 60,997 patients of this type as of June 3, while in the previous report, released last Wednesday, the figure reached 57,263. This, considering as active “confirmed or probable covid-19 cases whose date of onset of symptoms, notification or sampling is less than or equal to 11 days to the date of the current report (live cases)”.
The report details that the median age of confirmed cases is 38 years, where 8.09% correspond to children under 15 years, 26.47% to people between 15-29 years, 29.26% to people between 30-44 years, 26.77% to people between 45-64 years, while the remaining 9.41% corresponds to adults 65 and older.

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