translated from Spanish: Boca Juniors celebrates World Environment Day

In the framework of World Environment Day, club Atlético Boca Juniors adds its voice to the fight to save square meters of endangered native Argentine forests and prevent their deforestation. Through a campaign through its communication channels with the phrase “in Argentina more than 30 bomboneras per hour are dismantled” and a link to that allows to donate m2 of forests, the xeneize celebrates this day by emphasizing a cause of triple impact on the environmental agenda.  It is well known that deforestation is one of the main causes of biodiversity loss, that is, extinction of species. Added to this is the fact that with the loss of every square metre of forests carbon is emitted into the atmosphere and this enhances climate change.

But the impact is as global as it is local and that’s where the human factor comes in. “Many times we believe that the impact is only for wildlife, but deforestation has devastating impacts on flesh and blood people. For many communities in the deep interior, the native forest is their source of daily income to live on,” said Emiliano Ezcurra, Executive Director of Banco de Bosques. “For all that our forests represent, we are deeply grateful to the people of Boca for this enormous support that will undoubtedly save forever unrepeatable places in Argentina,” Ezcurra added.

Forest Bank created a method of donating square meters of native forests specially designed for the purchase of sites that are known to be deforested. In Argentina, fields with native forests are permanently for sale, which in the vast majority of cases end up being dismantled by their owners to use the land for other uses. This is how Argentina has lost about 70% of its native forests. “We must be aware this and every day, that the Environment is losing by a landslide against environmental degradation. We are not leaving a healthy planet to our children and grandchildren, we need to be the generation of the regeneration of the planet and forests is a very concrete way to start turning the result, “closed Ezcurra.

Today Banco de Bosques is finishing saving Curvas del Arroyo Urugua-i a forest in the province of Misiones that will be offered in donation to become part of the Urugua-i Provincial Park the largest protected natural area in the province.

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