translated from Spanish: Colo Colo won against La Serena at the Estadio Monumental

Colo Colo got back into the fight for the lead of the 2021 National Championship by defeating this Sunday by 2-0 in its stronghold to Deportes La Serena, in a crossing corresponding to the tenth date of the tournament. The ‘Cacique’ had to fight hard in Macul to keep the three points. With its fifth victory of the season, the team led by Gustavo Quinteros reached 16 points and was placed fourth, two behind the leader Universidad Católica.Meanwhile, the ‘Garnets’ of Miguel Ponce lost a good chance to climb to the top and finally remained in sixth place in the standings with 15 units. The first thorough arrival in Pedrero was for the visitor. Leandro Diaz threw a center from the left in the 8th minute and the ball almost got into Brayan Cortes, who in great reaction deflected the ball. At 21′, meanwhile, it was the turn of the homeowner. Pablo Solari advanced meters and before entering the area he tried with a right that was just deflected. The ‘Cacique’ again warned with danger in the 44th minute. Ball for Iván Morales, who beat lucas Fasson’s back and when facing the goalkeeper Zacarías López failed in an incredible way. Morales would warn again at the start of the complement, specifically at 50′. The young battering ram went on the run, entered the area and took a shot that crashed into the left post of a defeated Zacarias Lopez.The prize for Morales’ insistence had its prize in the final stretch of the match, in the 78th minute. After a hand in the area from Jorge Benitez, the 21-year-old battering ram stood in front of the ball and did not miss from 11 metres. Already in the discounts, at 90 +5′, the local sealed its triumph in the capital with the goal of the newly entered Luciano Arriagada. Filtered ball, the juvenile got into the area and defined above. Victory of the albos in full celebration of the 30 years of the obtaining of the Copa Libertadores by the club, also premiering a commemorative shirt. On the 11th, in July after the break for the Copa America, Colo Colo will visit Universidad Católica.Deportes La Serena, on the other hand, will receive Palestino at the Estadio La Portada.. =”true” show_halftime_score=”false” show_referee=”true” show_subs=”true” show_venue=”true” show_shootouts=”true” show_tooltips=”false” show_images=”false” show_competition_name=”true” competition_naming=”full” team_naming=”full” player_naming=”full” show_live=”false” show_logo=”true” show_title=”true” breakpoints=”400, 700″ sport=”football”>.. .

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