translated from Spanish: In Guasave takes 10 complaints from workers for utilities

uasave, Sinaloa.- Nine days after the deadline for the employer to make the payment of profits to its workers, the Delegation of Labor and Social Security in Guasave reported that a total of 10 complaints have been registered. The delegate added that in inspections carried out they have detected that the employer is not complying with the fonacot affiliation. 
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Sergio Robles Peña, head of the Delegation of Labor and Social Security, indicated that the deadline for the employer to issue the payment of the aforementioned benefit was May 31 and so far a total of 10 complaints have been dealt with in this regard.

“We have received a total of 10 complaints, against 5 companies, many more than were registered last year.” Robles Peña explained that these complaints were not filed for non-payment, but for nonconformity with the amount they were given, and after the relevant investigation an agreement has been reached in at least eight cases. “They pointed out that it was much less than what they were normally paid as profits, so we proceeded to carry out the investigation and with the tax covers it was determined that it was fair, and of the 10 complaints 8 have already been agreed. Only two are still pending.” In this regard, the delegate said that despite the losses due to the pandemic, businessmen are complying with this payment. “We see that the effort was made to meet the payment of profits, even though due to the pandemic they remained closed for months and some employers even paid the salary to the employees without coming to work, but in case any worker is dissatisfied has up to a year to manifest it.” The Labor delegate indicated that they have not stopped carrying out inspections of companies and businesses, finding more often the same irregularity: not being affiliated to fonacot.Read more: They confirm that the gas company denounced by a citizen in Guasave was irregular”We do not stop working, in the inspections we see that the employer complies with all the benefits , insurance, payment of profits, vacation premiums, Sunday, in short all that, but what they do fail is in the affiliation to Fonacot, that is the most detected irregularity.” Robles Peña explained that the affiliation has no cost and is mandatory for many years, however, the employer does not carry out the procedure until he has no other option. “They comment that they do not make the affiliation because it is a time-consuming, cumbersome procedure and they leave it for later. They end up doing it when the inspection comes and they have no other.” 

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