translated from Spanish: Sinaloa votes for marriage equality; they must approve it by court order

The deputies of the LXIII Legislature of the Sinaloa Congress must vote and approve marriage equality on Tuesday. If they vote against it, they could be earned fines, criminal prosecutions, and ultimately be removed from public office.
Lawmakers will have to heed the mandate of the Culiacan-based Second Collegiate Court after issuing a ruling in favor of the challenge issued by LGBT community groups in the state, after legislators voted against the initiative on June 18, 2019.
“We will always be respectful of the judicial mandates and surely tomorrow, prior to the opinion made by the commissions involved, we will submit this issue to a vote in plenary,” said the president of the Political Coordination Board, Jose Rosario Romero Lopez, according to Espejo Magazine.

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The legislator explained that the judicial resolution indicates that if there is a deputy who votes against the opinion, two measures will be taken: the imposition of a fine of up to one hundred Units of Measurement and Updating (UMAS); on the other hand, the file will be sent to the corresponding Collegiate Circuit Court, or even to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.
“These bodies will already determine whether the sentence will be executed. This may culminate in the separation of his post and his appropriation, which would be the maximum penalty,” the lawmakers said, reported Revista Espejo.

On June 18, 2019, the state Congress rejected with 20 votes against the ruling on marriage equality, which contradicted an order of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on the issue.

With information from Espejo Magazine.
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