translated from Spanish: Delgado and questioning Paris: “It would be an opportunity to give a great talk about how he has worked this year”

Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado said that an eventual questioning of his health counterpart, Enrique Paris, will be a “great opportunity for him to explain what has been done in this year of administration.” Delgado said that the head of the Minsal “has a track record of union leadership, which reflects him as a person of dialogue” and said that “more than a crisis it would be an opportunity to give a great talk about how he has worked this year.” The political chief of staff said that in an interrogation, Paris “can give an account of the great work that has been done during this year, in a pandemic, which we sometimes forget, has a global character, which has turned the whole world, the economic powers, on its head.” The countries that called themselves first world, all those countries have had to act on trial and error, evaluate and reassess recipes. In a distant country, such as Chile, we have the possibility of leading in different rankings: vaccination, conversion of beds, ventilators, a great management has been made. If you apply the standards of the rest of Latin America, you’d have twice as many people killed,” Delgado said. Prior to Delgado’s remarks, Minister Spokesman Jaime Bellolio referred to the issue on Radio Infinita, rejected and said that “the same people who want to question are the ones who said that the pandemic had to be handled as Argentina did.” Bellolio said that “there is an opposition that has always criticized everything and brutally contradicts itself” and accused political interest in the eventual questioning of the secretary of state.” The minister has been exposing 58 times and answering questions since he took office (…) they do not know how else to hit the government,” said the minister Secretary General of government.

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