translated from Spanish: The government denied that there are 45,000 Argentines stranded abroad

The National Directorate of Migration in charge of Florencia Carignano clarified on Tuesday that there are not 45,000 Argentines stranded as a result of the new restrictions on the entry of citizens into the country.” There are no stranded. In fact, it is about 45 thousand Argentines who declared to leave for tourism in the last four months,” the official said in a statement. 

The agency under the Ministry of the Interior added that in the last month about 26 thousand Argentines left the country for tourist purposes, of which 10 thousand did so in the last week.” It is not forbidden to travel, what we do is not recommend travel because these things can happen,” Carignano said in an interview with LN+.

We again recommend that Argentines and residents not travel abroad, especially those who are part of risk groups, in order to avoid difficulties and sanitary conditions required for re-entry, considering the rapid evolution of epidemiological conditions. – Florencia Carignano (@florcarignanook)
June 26, 2021

The survey carried out by the DNM was carried out within the framework of the provisions aimed at reducing traffic in safe corridors of entry to the national territory.” There is a percentage of them who will have to reschedule their return from the new entry provisions and that could involve, depending on the case, some delay, but it is not a situation at all comparable to being stranded,” the entity added.

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