translated from Spanish: They act protecting Salvador Alvarado from Covid-19

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The situation in Salvador Alvarado in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly complicated, that is why Civil Protection and the Municipal Institute of Sport had a meeting where the points to be discussed in terms of sports activities were put on the table. Luis Alberto Gastélum, director of Civil Protection, said that the meeting was convened by Juan Carlos Camacho, director of the Municipal Institute of Sport, and were present in addition to these two areas, the Sanitary Jurisdiction III and Municipal Health, who had a rapprochement with the sports leaders of the municipality, also with some league coordinators, coaches and sports teachers of the schools.  
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He explained that the purpose of this meeting was to explain the recommendations again and generate teamwork between the government and sports representatives, so as not to lower their guard and continue implementing the measures, as well as to pay more attention to all sports.

He announced some of the measures that will be implemented, among which are that the number of people entering sports fields will be limited as a first step. The situation will depend on whether they are adults or minors, in the latter case, they can only be accompanied by one person, and in the case of adults, they must go alone and have to withdraw at the end of the match; they will not be allowed to watch the other games. The Director of Civil Protection stressed that this meeting was to reinforce the measures that must be taken.  On the other hand, the municipal official said that if the traffic light changes color, the Municipal Health Committee will meet to analyze the guidelines of the federal traffic light and see what actions can be taken in Salvador Alvarado.Read more: Salvador Alvarado authorities are ready to attend to emergencies due to rains Finally, he confirmed that if they appear at red lights , the measures will be stricter. “The measures will be verified at the moment the traffic light is red, and it will be the Municipal Health Committee that determines what actions will be developed,” he said.

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