translated from Spanish: Sonora Search Mothers Leader Threatened “Follow You

Photography/ Flores Bridge Project
Mexico.- Ceci Patricia Flores Armenta, leader and founder of Madres Buscadoras de Sonora, was alerted that she is the next in the order of executions among those who track their disappeared in the state.
“Madam, take good care of yourself because I know that’s where you are still there,” quotes the message that the search engine received in her message tray on Facebook, at midnight on Friday the 16th.
Ceci constantly reviews these comments because it is where it receives search requests, activity announcements and notifications about places that would be considered for tracking.
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The leader of the search engines described that a fake profile, on the Facebook platform, with the name of Alexis Robles, threw the warning of his next execution, chatted a little and then admitted that he is “stuck” in the ranks of the kittens.
“Unfortunately I got into this and if I tell you to take care of yourself it is because I heard the chief say that he was following you, he gave the order,” he warned.
Ceci Patricia resented the depth from which the message had originated because this type of threat also received Gladys Aranza Ramos, the seeker who was executed by a commando at midnight last Thursday while looking for her husband Brayan Omar.
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