translated from Spanish: Government of Morelia reinforces measures in the face of the advance of the pandemic

Morelia, Michoacán.- Faced with the uptick in infections that has been detected in the capital by health authorities in the state, the municipal president, Humberto Arróniz Reyes, announced new health measures, among which the cancellation of mass events in Morelia and thus break the chain of infections caused by Covid-19, they reported in a statement.
This announcement was made in the main courtyard of the Municipal Palace in the company of the secretary of the City Council, Mónica Ayala García and the head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 1, Roberto Quevedo Díaz, in which the mayor, Humberto Arróniz made a call for social responsibility in the face of the information of an increase in infections due to this virus. , at a higher rate than during the previous 9 months and which has raised hospital occupancy to 40 percent.
Due to this situation, he asked for extreme measures and provided for the reactivation of the health brigades to monitor the full application of prevention protocols in commercial establishments.
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Arróniz Reyes stressed that Morelia is at the moment of stopping the chain of contagions before the variants of Covid-19, so he urged morelianos to take care of themselves and extreme the sanitary measures that the health authorities recommend.
Previously, the municipal president, Humberto Arróniz, met with heads of tenure and health jurisdiction No. 1 and staff of the Coepris, to provide the necessary information to the auxiliary authorities on the risk of the increase in infections and that these data are transmitted to the communities, as well as to deter any mass event that could occur in any of the 14 holdings by including among the restrictive measures the cancellation of parties employers, for which purpose, there will be collaboration with state authorities and the National Guard
Likewise, the head of the Health Jurisdiction Number 1, Roberto Quevedo, reported that the increase in cases of Covid-19 in the municipality is exponential and in about a month from 45 cases went to 200 active, which would refer to an increase of 200 percent.
Against this background, he reiterated that the measures should include greater restrictions on mobility, continue with the maximum capacity of 50 percent in commercial establishments such as restaurants and bars, as well as the closure of the latter at 11:30 p.m. He said that the progress of vaccination in the state and municipality is good, but the main thing is to break the chain of infection with restrictive measures from the responsibility of each family.
Finally, the secretary of the City Council, Monica Ayala, reiterated the cancellation of mass events and high capacity, as well as said that the applications in process will not be able to have a positive response.

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