translated from Spanish: Ceaip instructed the delivery of information in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The State Commission for Access to Public Information (Ceaip) instructed the delivery of information that deals with complaints of disappearance of people, modifications or extensions of contracts, bicycle path project and list of unionized workers, this during the regular session of the Plenary held yesterday in which they resolved 45 issues related to transparency in Sinaloa.This autonomous constitutional body of transparency, composed of commissioners José Alfredo Beltrán Estrada, Liliana Margarita Campuzano Vega and José Luis Moreno López resolved 26 agreements on resolutions of review appeals, of these 3 are breaches, 16 compliances and 6 dismissals. The breaches are related to the Culiacan City Council, the Autonomous Indigenous University of Mexico and the Morena Party, with the application of a warning. Read more: Coronavirus Sinaloa: today’s latest news August 14 on Covid-19 Similarly, they approved 11 agreements to comply with resolutions of complaints for transparency obligations. As well as a resolution of complaint procedure for obligations of transparency against the City of Ahome, unfounded.  FGJCDMX breaks building door in search of Saul Huerta; says you will pay damages

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