translated from Spanish: Argentina will again receive a donation of vaccines from the United States

During August or early September, Argentina could add new doses of the coronavirus vaccine to its stock from a donation by the Government of the States Unidos.Si although there are still no details about the number of doses that could arrive, the authorities of the Ministry of Health of the Nation say that “it is very likely” that new batches of doses of Moderna and Pfizer will arrive.

Argentina has already received 3.5 million doses of Moderna as part of a U.S. donation. Photo: NA.

According to what TN reported, this new donation would have come after a luncheon headed by Alberto Fernandez with Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan, one of Joe Biden’s most trusted US officials, and in which the main ministers of the Argentine Cabinet participated. From the health portfolio informed this media that the new donation to the world would be around 200 million doses. In case of receiving doses of the vaccines developed by Moderna or Pfizer, they may be used to immunize children under 18 years of age with or without risk factors or may be used to complete schemes of those who received a dose of Sputnik V.It should be recalled that Argentina has already received a batch of 3.5 million doses of moderna’s vaccine and closed deals with it as with Pfizer the delivery of another 40 million. Pfizer’s vaccines could arrive from September, while Moderna’s will be in the country from 2022.
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