translated from Spanish: The Argentine Voice: the Playoffs arrive with the participation of Abel Pintos

This Tuesday ends the third instance of La Voz Argentina and the teams of Ricardo Montaner, Lali Espósito, Mau & Ricky, and Soledad Pastorutti, are reassembled after the Knockouts, to give way to the Playoffs that will have the participation of Abel Pintos. 

At this stage, the eight participants of each team will be presented to the coaches who will choose four to advance to the final instance of the competition. Once the 16 selected are, the last stage will begin from which the winner of La Voz Argentina 2021 will emerge.How the teams of each couchTeam Ricardo Montaner were formed
Jacinta Sandoval
Damian Veron
Denis and Axel Ortiz
Sebastian Perez
Ana Paula Rodriguéz
Steffania úttaro
Jessica Amicucci (Stolen)
Ezequiel Pedraza (Stolen)

Team Soledad Pastorutti
Alex Freidig
Francisco Benitez
Lautaro Cabrera (Stolen)
Guido Encinas
Santiago Costas
Luna Suarez
Josefina Arenas
Patrick Mai
Emanuel Famá

Team Lali
Santiago Borda
Franco Maceroni
Paula Chouhy
Franco “Axe” Leiva
Masjuan Blue
Eugenia Celli
Hugo Ruiz
Margarita Lopez (Stolen)
Nicolás Olmedo (Stolen)
Esperanza Careri (Stolen) 

Team Mau & Ricky
Luz Gaggi
Mark Olaguibet
Paul Santillan
Bianca Cherutti (Stolen)
Camila Garay
Solange Lopez
Melanie Vargas
Evangelina Scalise
Facundo Giovos
Victoria May (Stolen)
Magdalena Cullen (Stolen)

When will the final be? Although there was no official announcement yet, the grand finale of the contest could be on Sunday, September 5.

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