translated from Spanish: CDE will file lawsuit against former director of the PDI, Héctor Espinosa: they request “compensation that at such a time seems appropriate to us”

The State Defense Council (CDE) sued the former director of the PDI, Hector Espinosa, his wife and an official of the institution. “It is our intention to sue the defendants in a civil manner, requesting, in due course, the compensation that at that time seems appropriate to us,” he said.
The CDE’s action comes a few days after magellan’s regional prosecutor, Eugenio Campos, had informed it that it would formalize those accused of embezzlement of public funds, forgery of a public instrument and money laundering, which occurred between 2015 and March 2017. “Clearly through their theft, these (monies) were used for purposes not intended by the legislator, such as payments or cash deposits to public officials. In this way, a damage was caused to the tax treasury of at least $140,000,000, an amount to which the cash deposits credited to date amount,” the CDE’s lawsuit says.
The CDE states that it is its “intention to interrupt the prescription of the relevant civil actions” and, adds the state defense agency, “we also wish to prepare the civil lawsuit, for which, as soon as they may be useful for these purposes, we request the Public Prosecutor’s Office to practice the following procedures”, such as “officiating to the Conservator of Real Estate of Santiago and San Miguel to inform if the defendants register registrations of real estate and in case of case affirmative to send such inscriptions with certificate of validity, prohibition and encumbrances”.
In another of the requests that it makes, they ask that an “order be dispatched to investigate to determine the existence of all the companies in which the defendants or their spouses have participation or contributions” and that it “officiate to the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Entities so that it may report in which of these entities the defendants maintain current accounts or deposits of money, or other banking products.” The Superintendency of Securities and Insurance is also officiated to “require the mutual fund managers to inform it if the defendants maintain, in any of them, these values”; and to the Conservator of Commerce of Santiago y Concepción to indicate “whether there are registrations of commercial companies, whatever their nature, in which the defendants have the quality of partners or directors”.

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