translated from Spanish: Checks to misinformation about the inauguration of homes of the Front of All in Avellaneda

A viral message claims that the houses inaugurated do not have roofs or windows, but this is misleading, since the Government only inaugurated a part of the houses on the property and the program still has more than a year to complete. Other posts claim that the government violated the law that prevents the inauguration of works before the elections. But this is false, since when the act occurred this prohibition was not in force. Last Tuesday, President Alberto Fernández led, together with Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the pre-candidate national deputies for the Front of All Victoria Tolosa Paz and Daniel Gollan, an act on Maciel Island, in the municipality of Avellaneda, in which he delivered the 20 thousandth house of the current administration. Following the announcement, viral posts circulated about this event. Then the checkups.” Alberto and Cristina went to Maciel Island to inaugurate houses without windows or roofs.” DECEITFUL
Circulating on Twitter and Facebook is a viral post of the official act of delivery of homes that maintains that Fernández, Fernández de Kirchner and the pre-candidate “went to Maciel Island to inaugurate houses without windows or roofs.” In the image of the publication are marked with red circles the official sign that gives account of the completion of the houses and the houses that do not yet have roofs or windows. This is misleading. Although the poster and the unfinished houses were part of the official presentation, according to the available documents, the national government only inaugurated a part of the houses on the property and the program still has more than a year left for its completion. According to Reverso’s method, a content is misleading when in part it may match certain true data, but – intentionally or not – it was manipulated to generate a particular message. The post on Twitter was made by the user “@atlanticsurff” -who has spread other misinformation-, and received more than 2,600 retweets and 5,900 likes. Asked by this media about the source of his post, he did not respond until the publication of this note. In addition, more than 15 identical posts were found but from different users on Facebook that take up the original tweet. According to the official transmission of Casa Rosada, the image corresponds to a capture of the act in which the delivery of the 20 thousandth house built during the management of the Frente de Todos was announced.

Capture of the official transmission in which the presence of the unfinished houses is confirmed along with the poster announcing the completion of the 84 houses

From the press team of Santiago Maggiotti, secretary of Habitat of the Nation, explained to Reverso that in the act “the first 16 houses of the 84 that were paralyzed by decision of the previous government were delivered.” This media outlet consulted cambiemos management officials to find out their position on this point, but received no response. The agreement for the execution of the project signed by the Secretariat of Habitat and the municipality of Avellaneda in May 2021 shows, in the same sense, that until now only a partial execution of the plan for Maciel Island was made. In this contract, the municipality undertakes to meet the deadline for the execution of the work up to 18 months after they have begun, that is, at least in November 2022.In addition, the agreement provides for an initial disbursement from the Nation to the municipality through a financial advance of the total of the work that will then be completed on a monthly basis according to the certifications, work plan and investment curves defined by law. From the national government they maintain that these homes were completed through the Rebuild Program, launched with the aim of reactivating 55 thousand houses that were allegedly paralyzed from 2016 – the year of beginning of the management of Cambiemos – throughout the national territory.”[Violaron] the law that prevents them from inaugurating works days before the elections.” FALSE
The post was posted on Instagram and Facebook by the account “We are not Boludos”. On Instagram he had more than 4,200 likes and on Facebook there are several identical posts (see here). The text of the publication states: “Alberto and Cristina, violating the law that prevents them from inaugurating works days before the elections, went to announce with great fanfare the completion of houses without roofs or windows.” And the post is accompanied by the same image of the previous misinformation, with red circles on the official poster that gives an account of the completion of houses and homes that do not yet have roofs and windows. This is false. The All Front did not violate the law in question since qthe electoral ban for the inauguration of works was not yet in force. Article 64 quarter of the National Electoral Code establishes the following prohibition: “It is prohibited during the 25 days prior to the date fixed for the holding of the open and simultaneous primary elections and the general election, the holding of inaugural acts of public works, the launching or promotion of plans, projects or programs of collective scope and, in general, the realization of any act of government that may promote the capture of the vote in favor of any of the candidates for national elective public offices, or of the groups for which they compete.” According to the official schedule of this year’s legislative elections released by the National Electoral Chamber, that ban has been in effect since 18 August, that is, since last Wednesday. But the inauguration of the All Front took place on August 17, the day before. In other words, the prohibition provided for in the National Electoral Code was not yet in force. This note is part of Reverso, the collaborative journalistic project that unites more than 40 media to intensify the fight against disinformation during the 2021 elections.The contact ways to join are:by mail to by WhatsAppy /ReversoAr in all networksAuthors: Ignacio Corral and Manuel TarriconeEditor 1: Matías Di SantiEditor 2: Juan José Domínguez

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