translated from Spanish: Maduro said the dialogue in Mexico was a “success” after first agreements

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Monday that the dialogue with the opposition Plataforma Unitaria in Mexico is a “success” after his delegation announced the first partial agreements reached in the second round of meetings that began last August. Mexico is a success, but a success for all Venezuelans, for peace, for recovery. We made it again! Congratulations to Venezuela, thanks to Mexico,” Maduro said in a video released on his Twitter account.The president celebrated as a victory the partial agreements reached, such as “the ratification and defense of Venezuela’s sovereignty over Guayana Esequiba” and the “economic and social protection of Venezuelans.” We achieved it in Mexico, we achieved it again in Mexico,” insisted the president, who also shared the statement from Norway, which promotes the negotiation, on his Twitter account.In that statement, Norway indicated that “the parties agreed to establish mechanisms for restoration and achievement of resources to meet the social needs of the population, with special emphasis on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including those from multilateral organizations.” The negotiation between the Unitary Platform and the Government, which began on August 13 in Mexico, will have a new round between September 24 and 27, as announced by the parties, who reiterated today that the process can be long and complex. On August 13, the parties signed a memorandum of understanding highlighting an agenda to discuss “political rights for all,” electoral guarantees and a timeline for observable elections. It also includes the lifting of sanctions, the renunciation of violence, reparation for victims, protection of the national economy, social protection measures, and guarantees of implementation, monitoring and verification.

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