translated from Spanish: Sernac: more than 16 thousand people have not yet received compensation for collusion of pharmacies

Almost nine months after the process of paying compensation to consumers for the collusion of pharmacies began, there are still 16,604 people who have not yet withdrawn the $ 22,460 that correspond to them as beneficiaries of the agreement signed by the National Consumer Service (Sernac) together with three consumer associations, with the Cruz Verde and Salcobrand pharmacies.
According to the current registry, only 2,702 people have gone to the branches of BancoEstado and ServiEstado to withdraw the money.
The National Director of Sernac, Lucas Del Villar, called on people to exercise their right and withdraw this amount that belongs to them because they are part of the group of those who were most affected by this collusion.
Recall that on December 1, 2020 began the payment process of $ 22,460 that corresponds to the compensation to a group of almost 53 thousand consumers who bought any of the 26 ethical drugs considered most critical due to a series of variables, such as the severity of the disease, the frequency of its use, the effect of the remedy and the existence of alternatives.
The majority of the beneficiaries of this agreement, that is, 33,316 consumers received the money automatically through electronic transfers through the financial product CuentaRUT of BancoEstado.
However, the rest of the beneficiary universe that does not have this financial product, that is, 19,306 people must withdraw the money directly from the branches of BancoEstado and ServiEstado presenting the identity card.
To date, only 2,702 people collected the money. That means 16,604 people have yet to withdraw the $22,460 in compensation, with just over $372 million remaining to be distributed.
To know if they are beneficiaries, consumers should visit, a site that will have this information until September 23. However, the deadline to withdraw the money expires in December of this year.
Uncollected money
The money that is not charged by consumers and any other resulting amount, will be delivered to the Fundación de Ayuda al Niño Oncológico Sagrada Familia (Casa Familia), funds that will be used to complete the construction of a home in the commune of Independencia; and the rest to other initiatives related to children’s health.
The selection of charities will be made through the “Community of Solidarity Organizations”, an organization that works by supporting more than 200 social organizations.

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