translated from Spanish: Senator Castro warns difficult processing of the fourth withdrawal in the Upper House: “It has no chance of passing”

The independent senator for the Maule region, Juan Castro Prieto said that it is not advisable for the country’s economy to approve the fourth withdrawal of pension funds, and warned that in the Upper House there would not be enough votes to advance its processing.
“I feel that the fourth retreat has no chance of passing. We have talked among senators, the economic effect it would generate has been analyzed, we have listened to the president of the Central Bank and economists from all political sectors, both left and right,” the legislator said in an interview with Radio María de Linares.
The legislator added that “the truth, the recommendation that the specialists have given us is not to approve the fourth withdrawal, because it would generate a very serious problem of inflation and a conflict in the cost of living for the most humble.”
In the same vein, it should be remembered that the president of the Central Bank, Mario Marcel warned on more than one occasion about the economic consequences that a fourth withdrawal of 10% would cause, assuring that “it would bring the financial system closer to an imbalance of magnitude”.
For now, the discussion of the fourth withdrawal will continue after Fiestas Patrias, when it is voted on Wednesday, September 22 in the Constitution Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, and if approved, it will go to the room.

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