translated from Spanish: Goodbye, Huey Teocalli! Farewell model of the Templo Mayor del Zócalo CDMX

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico City announced that the early morning of this September 16 the replica of the Templo Mayor of the Zócalo capital was removed, after its last function was the commemoration of the cry of Independence.During the patriotic celebration the last special projection of light and sound “Luminous Memory” was made on the monumental model of the Huey Teocalli, which was installed since August 13 as part of the commemorations of the 500 years of indigenous resistance Mexico-Tenochtitlan.This last special function had a duration of 5 minutes in which the mythical origin and end of Tenochtitlan.La Directorate of Great Festivals conducted a survey of 407 people who came to the Plaza de la Constitución, was told in a dynamic and colorful way, who said that observing the projection “allowed them to know aspects of the history of Mexico that they did not know.” Capital 21 broadcast “Memoria Luminosa” and achieved an audience of more than half a million viewers. Model and projection The reproduction of the Templo Mayor or Huey Teocalli, made at 35 percent of the original size, was based on the most recent research of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and had four faces of the scale representation of the pre-Hispanic religious building with a height of 16 meters, 27 deep and four levels. The audiovisual narration “Memoria Luminosa” consisted of the projection on the four sides of the model, of the greatness of the ancestral origins that motivate the celebration of the “500 years of Mexico-Tenochtitlan Indigenous Resistance” and whose duration of each function was 15 minutes. Read more: PHOTOS. The visual spectacle will be available on the Capital 21: YouTube channel for later consultation. Removing the statue of Columbus “seems to me a real bullshit”: Spanish Tiktoker

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