translated from Spanish: Biden said he believes “two-state solution” in Israeli Palestinian conflict is “the best option”

US President Joe Biden insisted on Tuesday that the “two-state solution” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “the best option” to ensure peace and stability in the area, although he acknowledged that it is still “a long way off”. In his first speech to the U.N. General Assembly, Biden reiterated U.S. support for Israel but insisted that the two-state solution would ensure “its future as a democratic Jewish state” by living “in peace” alongside a “sovereign” and “viable” Palestinian state. We are far from that goal right now, but we must never allow ourselves to abandon the possibility of progress,” Biden said.On the other hand, the US president reiterated that his country is “committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons”, but reiterated that it is “prepared to return to the international nuclear agreement with Iran” if that country “does the same”. The 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, has been in limbo since the United States abandoned it in 2018 and Iran has failed to comply with its main demands since 2019.To this end, Biden indicated that they are “working” with the other powers that signed it at the time, Russia, China, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and that they are kept in the treaty. Finally, he stressed that the US will continue its “vigilance” on the actions of North Korea, after the latest missile tests carried out by PyongyangThe UN General Assembly began its annual debates on Tuesday, with around a hundred international leaders gathered in New York despite the pandemic and with an agenda marked by covid-19, the climate crisis and the situation in Afghanistan following the US withdrawal.

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