translated from Spanish: Regular catches reported in Mazatlan in the early days

Sinaloa.- The boats in Mazatlan report regular catches, said the president of the Union of Shipowners of the Pacific Coast, Jesús Omar Lizárraga Manjarrez.Se expected that in the coming hours, the tides can change and production will improve.
They trust that if the catches of the crustacean are not good, at least size and size will be better, so that it can benefit the sector. Shrimp farmers by haul are catching 50 to 70 kilograms and for the first day of fishing, it is very low. But, there is still hope that this 2021-2022 season, which barely started on Tuesday, September 21, will recover. This time, the owners made a great effort and despite the lack of subsidy, more than 50 percent of the boats went in search of the shrimp. There are 300 boats, 10 percent more than the last harvest. More ships will continue to set sail this week. They were delayed by some damage to the boat, but they continue to leave, said fisherman Javier Núñez, who is confident that the harvest will recover. Lizárraga Manjarrez stressed that the expectations of each season is to have good catches at the beginning to achieve a successful first trip. Everything depends on this, since a large sum is invested for the repairs and provisioning of the ships, “the fair thing is to have benefits for all”. The samples made by the National Fisheries Institute, which were presented a month ago, showed important volumes and size. In this period they expect that shrimp has grown to reach export sizes. Sueño Roberto Osuna comes from a family of fishermen and this year he could no longer embark due to a health problem, but his son, a cousin and a brother did go in search of the crustacean. He dreams of the boom years for the bosses and for them, but today they do not know how much production they will bring.  They hope that the situation will recover and have a good first trip. On the first day of shrimp catches, production was very poor, say businessmen and fishermen, but they are confident that the harvest will improve. Ships are still leaving for the high seas. They were delayed by some last-minute machinery failure and during this week more will come out. Read more: Coronavirus Sinaloa: today’s latest news September 23 on Covid-19ProductionPerspite the low catches, good sizes are compensating the fleet in its first days of fishing on the high seas- They trust that the situation will improve.  This is how they release the crocodile rescued from Mazatlan beach

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