translated from Spanish: They affirm that Gerardo Vargas’ cabinet will be of “cuates”

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The cabinet of Gerardo Vargas Landeros will be made up of “cuates” and friends who do not have the ideal profile to carry out a municipal administration with healthy finances, said the former president of the Bar Association “Roberto Pérez Jacobo”, Martín López Félix.He commented that it is easy to predict that the officials he will surround himself with will be former malovista officials, among which Genaro García, Bernardo Cárdenas, among others, stand out, who will be incorporated because he made commitments during the campaign, as happens in every election where businessmen who hope to obtain some benefit support. The jurist pointed out that it is not necessary to be a fortune teller to deduce that Vargas Landeros will support the builders, one of his priorities will be to carry out the improvement of the city’s infrastructure to “lend a hand to his friends”, but the most serious thing will be that new ghost construction companies will begin to emerge. ” Unfortunately it will be an administration that will seek to borrow and deliver false invoices, that is the school they already bring, because supposedly the former officials of Malova enriched themselves inexplicably, “said the lawyer. Read more: Have you done it already? Pandemic increases interest in making wills in Los MochisThing will be more of the same, it is practically the same movie. Those people already know what they are coming to, they are clear that they will only do business. They are not public servants by vocation; most, if not all, have a bad reputation.”  Gerardo Vargas Landeros comes forward and seeks a solution to floods in Ahome

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