translated from Spanish: White Sheet goes for the triumph in the Muralla Sports Club

Mazatlan.- In a press conference, the White payroll commanded by José Ángel Miramontes, gave his last impressions in the face of today’s elections, seeking the presidency of the Muralla Sports Club.
José Ángel Miramontes, presented his board of directors, headed by: Hilario Ramírez Zamora, as secretary; Roy Castro Chavarín, treasurer; Miguel Loaiza, vice president, in addition to Julián Pacheco and José Eduardo López as pro secretary and pro treasurer. “I’m confident we’re going to win. I tell the partners to give us their trust tomorrow, there is no trap if you win with a vote, that will make a difference, I am confident that this process will be transparent and democratic,” Miramontes said at a press conference. I feel optimistic, I know that I have done my best, I have dedicated time to this task, as I will dedicate it to it when the vote favours me, I know that it is a critical vote, it is not one of submission, it is a vote for the proposals that have been indicated. I do not intend to fail the murallenses, because they still have a desire that this be transformed, that this dream of greatness is recovered. Miramontes commented that he will seek that all the points he promised in his campaign are fulfilled, this with the help of his entire work team. It will also seek that the members attend the assemblies, this to clarify the movement of resources, as well as the problems that arise in the Sports Club, this to avoid speculations of mismanagement. It seeks to streamline the system of collection to partners, to have liquidity and thus cover the operating expense without problem. It will also try to generate resources through the sale of advertising in the Club, thus seeking a significant advance.
Miramontes pointed out that there is a project to build a five-star hotel, in which companies are already interested in investing and operating this building. More about him The primary education teacher by profession, born in 1953 in the city of Bellavista Tepic Nayarit, is currently 67 years old and is a member of the muralla sports club since 1987, with 34 years within the club. Miramontes stands out for his passion for football, which he has played in the Leagues: Master, Gold Master and Platinum Diamond, in recent years, with the Brujildos team.
In total, the payroll is commanded by Professor Miramontes, has 23 elements, 13 holders and 10 alternates. “In the Club there is only activity on weekends, during the week there is no competition. In addition, I will seek to generate greater profits, with more tournaments, local, regional and national, “confessed the candidate.

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