translated from Spanish: They will premiere a new version of the series of “I Love Lucy”

Amazon Prime Video announced that it will release “All for Lucy,” a modern, reimagined take on the comedy series “I Love Lucy.” According to the platform, Joe Rendón will be the showrunner/director. In this new series, Lucy is a 21st century woman who wants to be in love, but doesn’t want to give up her individuality. Mexican actress Natalia Tellez (After You) will play the iconic character of Lucy, while Daniel Tovar (Mirreyes vs. Godinez) will have the role of her husband Ricky.And to complete this glimpse into love, Andrés (Andy) Zuno (Al Diablo con los Guapos) and Daniel Haddad (La Búsqueda) play the couple of Esteban and Federico, who are Lucy and Ricky’s neighbors. 

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“I Love Lucy is the foundation of every comedy show that’s ever been made—and we’re honored to reimagin it with its foundational stories and characters,” said Leonardo Zimbrón of Endemol Shine Boomdog, the project’s executive producer, in a press release. He then added, “We took this classic series and transformed it into a romantic comedy for 2021. It was a difficult and beautiful task, working with fantastic talent in front of and behind the cameras.

Photo: Courtesy of the press

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